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Class Description

Have you ever had a really nice massage and wondered how to incorporate that into your play? Well... this isn’t that class. This class is designed to pinpoint those spots on the body that can cause people to crumble and move in the direction you want them to. Playing with pressure points is a lot of fun when combined with other types of play such as bondage or sensory deprivation. You'll learn how to incorporate these skills into your scenes and amp things up. With just one touch, learn how to bring your bottom to their knees! Additional Information: -Much of what is covered in this class can be used in self defense situations. -There are many safety concerns to discuss when playing with pressure points which we will cover extensively. -This is a great class to get in touch with primal energy inside yourself and use your body to inflict certain sensations with your bottom. -If you're a switch, this class would be perfect for you so you can gain the upperhand in your next switch fight! This class is open to all skill levels, gender identities, sexual preferences, and relationship dynamics.